What to do and where to go in Orlando

Why go to Orlando

All people of action should embark on a trip to Orlando at least once in their lifetime, and here is why. Orlando boasts an amazing number of places to visit, see, and break a sweat in! While Disney World is what first pops up in most folks’ heads when they hear of this part of Florida, there are tons of other spots in Orlando craving your attention.

Water sports in Orlando

You may ask yourselves what to do in or near Orlando, and the answer is: whatever you desire! You need not be a water sports enthusiast or a skilled boarder to pay a visit to Orlando Watersports Complex. The place caters for beginners and veterans alike – those new to cable skiing will discover intoxicating freedom while being towed by a cable system for the first time, and seasoned boarders can choose from a range of systems for pro fun without fear of losing touch when away from home. Should you need a little training, you can start building your skill and confidence during express 15-minute sessions. All beyond that point is practice!

Underwater park fun in Orlando

Whether alone, with kids or someone special, the Discovery Cove is another place worth making a splash in. Composed of a few areas, the Cove offers a number of attractions for action junkies: swimming (and actually physically interacting) with dolphins, hand-feeding exotic birds, taking a plunge in a tropical river (did you take your swim cap?), joining a local pack of otters in their frolics under the surface, and going on an underwater walking tour (how cool is that?). You can also recharge lounging about and sipping colourful drinks… before moving on to the Cove’s next area!

Walk the streets of Hogsmeade with Harry Potter

Universal Studios Florida has prepared a special treat for all Harry Potter buffs – the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You will get your stomach tied in knots on its themed rides and you can walk round the faithfully recreated streets of Hogsmeade Village, maybe even getting picked by a magic wand at Ollivander’s if you’re lucky! Top off your visit with a ride on a replica of the Hogwarts Express as you’ll be making your way towards other attractions offered outside the world of Harry Potter. If you’re not squeamish, you may try to keep your cool throughout Universal’s Horror Make-Up Show, but if you are (and we don’t blame you) you may just settle for log flumes.

An overdose of wilderness

If you still have some gusto left in you, head to Wekiwa Springs State Park. Here the primordial beauty of nature is but a backdrop to greater things, with you taking centre stage! You are free to plunge into nature and do so headfirst! You can go hiking, but there’re trails for horse riding, special sites for picnicking, the Wekiwa Springs are there for canoeing and kayaking, even snorkelling and swimming (if you find 22 °C agreeable, that is!). Fancy veering off the beaten track while not necessarily looking for danger? The Park is a popular site for Geocaching too so just go for it!

A taste of urban life

The Thornton Park District is said to have a European feel to it, but you are more likely to appreciate its urban appeal of an American city. This neighbourhood is home to numerous eateries and beauty salons, but here you can also find inner peace through a yoga session or a leisurely stroll along the scenic Lake Eola with swans to keep you company. If you’re a bit of a shopper, you can indulge yourself in the district boutiques and make a rare find of some fancy custom t-shirts!


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