Hotel or Villa – Where Should You Stay in Orlando

Hotel or Villa

Stay on a hotel or rent a villa – a furious argument that has ensued for decades, and one that has left millions of people tanned and countless more burnt, is the debate over which form of holiday accommodation is better.

Whichever side you take, it cannot be denied that either of the two options offer their residents brilliant opportunities that can cater for both the individual and family. So without further warmongering, here are the advantages for both (we’ll let you decide which one you’d prefer).

Advantages of staying in a hotel:

  Whilst staying at a hotel, especially if you are going with a family, entertainment is key. Not only do hotels provide entertainment for adults in various forms, such as competitions and games, but quite often, they will also have children’s clubs where they can go and play for a few hours; giving you a much-deserved rest.

● One of the key features of a hotel is the assurance that you will receive food at the end of the day. Whether you sign up for all three mealtimes, having the knowledge that at certain times of the day, you will receive food that is cooked for you, is a great bonus, especially if you find that you are tired towards the end of the day.

● The majority of the time, you will be staying in a hotel that can afford to accommodate all your needs. Therefore a chain hotel will work very hard (and spend lots of money) at making sure you have everything that you require. 

● One of the major advantages of a hotel that has only risen in the last decade or so, is the fact that you can book online.Another feature of the internet is that many hotels will to let you virtually tour the premises so that you can rest in the knowledge that your money is being spent on quality accommodation. Furthermore you are also more likely to find a higher concentration of reviews left by previous holiday makers on and around the internet.

Advantages of renting a villa:

● Quite often you will find that staying in a rented villa will either be cheaper or more or less the same price as staying in a hotel; this is great news for anyone wanting to save a few pounds on their holiday.

● Another advantage of not staying in a chain hotel is that more often than not, you shall be staying in a private villa wherein the owner will pride himself with looking after the property and will therefore work very hard into making sure that everything you need (and more) is in the property.

● If you’re looking for a quiet holiday, renting your own villa will certainly help you achieve this. Not only will you be playing by your own rules, but there will be no one else laying claim to your sunbeds or taking up the pool with their highly inflated lilos.

● If you fancy yourself as a bit of a chef, then you will find that renting a villa will certainly appeal to you! Not only will you be in charge of your own diet (which is brilliant if you require a specific diet of foods) but you will be able to cook it whenever you wan,t without the hassle of other people getting in the way.

Hotel or Villa – Is car hire essential?

Whether you need to hire a car or not in Florida all depends on where you are staying. If you choose a villa holiday then a car is essential – even if you are staying in a Disney Area villa you will still need a car to get you there and to visit other nearby attractions such as Busch Gardens. If you’ve chosen to stay in one of the International Drive hotels then you may not need a car as you’ll have everything you need on your doorstep. Saying this having a car does provide you with the flexibility to visit places as and when you chose and is a great option for those who like to explore further afield.

Which do you think is best, Villa or Hotel?

If you know which of the two you prefer, or know of any more advantages to either of them, make a suggestion below and discuss with us which is the best form of accommodation, hotel or villa?


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