Florida’s Top 8 Rides for Teens

Do teenagers love the idea of a holiday to Florida? Absolutely. Florida is by every means a family-friendly (and teen-friendly) holiday destination, the question is how best to navigate the state’s theme parks to find the top rides for teens who want a bigger thrill?

Florida is home to several of the best-rated roller coasters in the US, so if this is your bag you’ll want to visit parks including Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando.

Of course, not all rides for young adults in the Sunshine State are adrenalin-packed. If you have Harry Potter or Transformer fans in your household, you’ll want to spend at least a day or two exploring Universal Studios Orlando, for an unparalleled experience beyond the screen. Likewise, no holiday to Florida would be complete without a trip to Walt Disney World, no matter what your age.

Universal Studios, Orlando

A combination of coaster and film-favourite, The Incredible Hulk Coaster is a jaw-droppingly awesome ride for those who love the idea of hurtling from 0 – 40mph in just two seconds, and reaching top speeds of 67mph. Not forgetting the many inversions and loops! Currently under refurbishment, the ride is set to open its doors once again in summer 2016 with a fresh new look.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is not your usual adrenalin-packed theme park ride, but a brilliantly fun experience nevertheless, and knowing there are thousands of teenage Potter lovers out there we had to give Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter a shout out! If the feeling of flying across Hogwarts, swerving past the Whomping Willow and getting involved in a Quidditch match floats your boat, this is not a ride to miss.

There are an increasing number of 3D rides popping up across Florida’s theme parks and for good reason. What better way to fully immerse yourself in your favourite film, for example? Especially if that film happens to be Transformers. Fans should head to Universal Studios for non-stop thrills on this motion ride, which transports you along a 2,000 ft track and features screens up to 60m high projecting action-packed scenes based on the film series.

Walt Disney World

Teenagers and adults alike can truly embrace a sense of nostalgia at Walt Disney World Florida. Most of us are still kids at heart, so a trip to Disney will not disappoint. Besides meeting much-loved film characters as you wander around the park, when it comes to rides Space Mountain is a real old-school classic, which every member of the family (including teens!) will enjoy.

A newer addition to the park is Soarin’, a motion simulator ride located in Walt Disney World’s Epcot. Another ride which all the family will love, you’ll feel as though you’re gliding across the California landscape. When you need a break from high G-force thrills, this is the ride to go for.


Complete with seven inversions and two loops, SeaWorld Orlando‘s Kraken coaster is, errrr, a cracker of a ride for those who are looking for a seriously scary and action-packed experience. Known perhaps more for its sea life shows than its rides, SeaWorld nevertheless excels when it comes to roller coasters that teens will love.

Opened in 2016, Mako is be the latest addition to SeaWorld’s collection of coasters. Tipped to be the longest, fastest and tallest rollercoaster in the state, this shark-themed ride will have adrenalin junkies queuing in no time. Those teens who have no fear will be keen to get onboard, so if you have adventurous young adults joining your trip to Florida this summer, make SeaWorld Orlando a priority.

Busch Gardens, Tampa

As the name suggests, top roller coaster Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens, Tampa, is a seriously pacey ride. Opened to the public in 2011, its popularity has continued to thrive thanks to the combination of incredible speed and soaring heights. With a starting speed of 30mph and accelerating to 60mph as the coaster launches itself from a height of 31m, this is not a ride for the faint-hearted – but your daredevil teens will love it.


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