Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is the polar opposite of other Water Parks, quite literally! It’s based on a melted ski Resort in the middle of tropical Florida, packed with downhill slides and plenty of ways to lay back and relax in the warm, Florida heat. Zip down the near vertical drop at over 55mph on Summit Plummet, one of the tallest, fastest freefall body slides in the world. Take on the Teamboat Springs family raft ride or enjoy a leisurely float along a creek. Kids can have fun at Tike’s Peak, which is a special play area full of scaled-down, kid-size slides and aquatic activities aplenty.

The fun’s never ending at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. Kids and big kids of all ages will have the time of their lives, making a splash atop Mount Gushmore, providing a refreshing break from the usual Parks. The Park is divided into four different sections; Green Slope, Purple Slope, Red Slope and Ground Level. So you can choose which section you want to head to depending on if you want to enjoy a leisurely ride or take on your family in a fast-paced ride – the choice is yours.

Key Attractions

Fun for the little ones

  • Tike’s Peak: Younger kids will love this polar-themed play land where all the slides and activities are the perfect size for the smaller holidaymakers.
  • Cross Country Creek: Disney’s answer to a lazy river, sit back and relax as you float around the entire Park.
  • Melt-Away Bay: Go with the flow as you ride the motion of the ocean in this one-acre wave pool.

For tweens and teens

  • Slush Gusher: Speed down this incredible 90-foot-long waterslide and feel the rush of the air as you go. It’s no Summit Plummet, but it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted either!
  • Teamboat Springs: Have fun with all the family as you take on one of the world’s longest group white water raft rides. Up to six of you can experience the action together.
  • Runoff Rapids: The fun comes in threes on these inner tube rides, as you rush down each of the distinctively different flumes, propelled by the runoff from Mount Gushmore.

Big thrills

  • Summit Plummet: Have you got what it takes to conquer the almost vertical drop of one of the world’s tallest and fastest body slides? Bring on the fear!
  • Downhill Double Dipper: Allow your competitive streak to run wild as you take on your friends and family on these super-fast and exhilarating enclosed water slides. Who said it’s the taking part that counts?

Other Activities

  • Ski Patrol Training Camp – Big kids and preteens can put their skills to the test at this activity-driven play area. Take on the tricky obstacles, tread carefully across thin ice, whizz down the slides and fly along the Fahrenheit Drops zip line, plunging into the cool water at the end.
  • Magic Ink & Bead Artisans – Accessorise your holiday look at this fun and entertaining kiosk that you’ll find at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, as well as other locations around the Resort. Take part in interactive bead-stringing activities or get your own unique airbrush and glitter temporary tattoo or maybe some exotic Henna body artwork.
  • Winter Summerland: a miniature golf course created by Santa and his elves as you tee-off on one of their 18-hole miniature golf adventures. It’s where the elves love to spend their off-season time when they’re not busy in Santa’s workshop. All you have to do is decide whether you want to play on the summer themed course or the winter themed one.

Restaurants & Dining

You’ll find plenty of dining options when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat on your day out at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park – nine, to be precise. All of them are quick service options, which is perfect for when you don’t want to use up too much valuable time when you could be making waves around the Park instead.

Tuck into an appetising lunch at Arctic Expeditions, Avalunch, Lottawatta Lodge or the Warming Hut. Then for dessert, or when you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the day, you’ll find plenty of places to enjoy a delicious sweet treat. Cooling Hut does great ice cream, pretzels and popcorn; Frostbite Freddy’s Frozen Freshments is the place to be for Olaf cupcakes and frozen cappuccinos (with or without Kahlua); I.C. Expeditions offers a great selection of frozen desserts and Mini Donuts… Well, the clue’s in the name!

Fancy something a little stronger? Then make your way to the fully-serviced Polar Pub and indulge in frozen cocktails and draft brew-skis.


There’s only a small handful of shops at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, but you’ll still be able to pick up your usual gifts, apparel and accessories from the likes of Beach Haus and Shade Shack. You can also rent towels and lockers from Snowless Joe’s, should you need to. They also provide free life jackets too.

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