Disney's Port Orleans Riverside

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort offers you a great escape taking you right back to the slow-moving Louisiana countryside of yesteryear. Set on the Sassagoula River this tranquil resort will have you dreaming of steamboat travel and formal garden parties. Mint Julep anyone?

Although the old-world charm of the Resort is slower-paced you might have to speed up to fit in everything there is to do here. 5 quiet pools set amongst the guestroom quarters of Magnolia Bend and Alligator Bayou – perfect for some chilled down time. But there are fun times awaiting you at the main ‘swimming hole’ on Ol’ Man Island including ducking under swooshing waterfalls and entering the pool via a water slide that looks like a rustic saw mill. Or just soaking it up and watching the fun in the hot tub.

The water invites you to hire a boat, anything from a kayak to a Sea Racer down by the Colonel’s Cotton Mill or go fishing at the Fishing Hole where you can be sure of a catch as it’s stocked with catfish blue gill and brill. Step back in time and take a carriage ride or keep it 21st Century and hire a bicycle. If you want to slip in the odd round of golf on a beautifully-manicured green, Disney’s Osprey Ridge Golf Course is nearby.

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